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“The lion’s story will never be known, as long as the hunter is the one to tell it.”



In this galvanizing keynote, Dr. Robin brings the content of The Invisible Ache to life for your audience, highlighting the personal stories, strengths, and the challenges that Black men and boys face in America.

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Robin has made it her mission to help us turn adversity into purpose and power. She has spent decades working with Black boys and men– a group too often left out of the Mental Health Movement– to help them tap into their innate vulnerability and share their stories.

In this speech, Dr. Robin L. Smith will equip your audience with actionable tools and strategies to help them tap into their personal power and create meaningful change in community.

This keynote is for young Black men who are yearning to find strength in vulnerability, for Black leaders and professionals who are hungry to make an impact, and for the organizations, schools, communities, and workplaces that are eager to play a part in fighting for systemic change. It is a call to Black men of all ages to the floor of their own lives. Attendees will gain a profound understanding of the emotional struggles Black boys and men face daily, as well as actionable insights into how we can collectively break down the barriers that perpetuate these challenges.


In this more intimate group setting, Dr. Robin L. Smith will teach your audience the skills to build empathy and experience healing and catharsis in community.

Designed specifically for Black male audiences, The Lion’s Story workshop will teach your group the art of facilitating meaningful communication with other men. Learn practical techniques for active listening and empathetic communication, and explore strategies for creating safe and inclusive spaces that empower others to open up without judgment. Discover how sharing our own experiences and vulnerabilities can inspire others and create a ripple effect of positive change.

In this transformative workshop, Dr. Robin will help you build authentic relationships and connect more honestly with your own emotions– skills that can lead to massive change and growth at home, at work, and in your community.


Dr. Robin also offers custom tailored speeches and workshops for both intimate groups and large audiences. To see even more speaking topics, head over to her website. We would love to connect and hear more about your needs!